Discover Bird Language

Saturday May 13, 2017   8:00am to 3:00pm
Salt Spring Island, BC


Experience Life

Through the Awareness of the Birds

A way to deepen your connections to nature, self, & others

 Bring more presence to all that you do



Understanding the language of birds – what they are telling each other and what they are telling us – will enrich your life in practical and surprising ways, opening you to a whole new world of awareness and connection.

When: Saturday May 13, 2017, 8:00am to 3:00pm

Where: Salt Spring Island, south end

Cost: $65 per person


Interpreting bird language is an ancient skill that people have used for thousands of years for their survival.  Animals and birds share a common language. Birds are keenly aware of their surroundings and often very vocal about what they observe—songbirds especially–and communicate this through their songs, calls, and other voices. We can learn to understand this language–in fact, we are “hard wired” to learn this–and to use it to increase our own empathy, attentiveness, awareness, and sensitivity to our surroundings and others, as well as to develop a deeper connection with the natural world.

What will I experience during this workshop?

We’ll start early to catch the morning activity of the birds. During the day, you’ll explore the dynamic interconnections of nature through learning bird language. Songbirds are the “alarm system” of the forest, broadcasting the whereabouts of hawks, owls, eagles, predatory mammals and more through their calls and postures. Learn through a combination of engaging presentations coupled with guided field observation techniques.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Five Voices of the Birds
  • Interpreting the Shapes of Alarm, the building block of bird language
  • Engaging the senses in nature
  • Expanding awareness and becoming “invisible”
  • Key bird species for learning bird language
  • Bird mapping and journal keeping techniques
  • And more!

In just a few hours, you’ll gain the core tools for interpreting bird language that you can use to enhance your own nature connection and birding experiences. These behavioural patterns can be applied around the world.


You will be mentored in learning the patterns of birds and animals, and what they are telling us through their behavior and language.

Learn how birds act as barometers for one’s own awareness. Through this knowledge, one gets instant “biofeedback” on how to blend into the natural patterns of the landscape, and a sensitivity to how you affect other beings.

When we listen deeply for bird language, we begin to access a deeper part of our awareness. We step into the Quiet Mind. With all the senses activated, we connect with the landscape, the animals, and with our inner worlds. We become attuned to the rhythms both within and without.

Instructors: Jean-Claude Catry and Michi Main

Join us for a day full of fun, community and personal transformation!




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