Renewal of Creative Path – Inner Tracking Journey


Navigating the inner ecology of self to live your life’s purpose



Create the fully connected life you long for!

Wednesday evenings for 6 weeks,

starting February 15, 2017, 6:30-9:00pm

at Stowel Lake Farm, Salt Spring


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Who am I when I am fully alive? What am I here to do? What am I here to give?

Each of us is called to answer these fundamental questions, and to step into recognizing and giving our individual gifts. It’s part of our human design, as is the need for mentoring, community, and culture to support us fully through that quest. Today we are often lacking this supportive container which used to be everyone’s birth right.

The Renewal of Creative Path course aims at providing this foundational container to navigate the inner tracking journey. Tracking the outer ecology is our vital survival strategy as a species, and requires the full powers of our brain and awareness. In the same way that we use animal signs to track an animal, we can track our inner experiences that point to a different animal: our life’s purpose.

During this course, we will harness the skills of holistic tracking to explore our inner ecology and reactivate our innate full connective potential and creative power. While many of these capacities have become atrophied in modern times, they can be recovered using age-old connective practices.

Every ancient culture considers that we are born with a certain purpose to fulfill, to support the health of a regenerative community and of nature as a whole; it is the function of culture to facilitate the emergence and activation of this purpose.The process we will use has its roots in the mentoring lineage and work of Jon Young and the 8 Shields, and the international deep nature connection movement.

This Renewal of Creative Path course will include:

  • 6 in-person  group sessions on Wednesday evenings of learning and sharing

  • Weekly emails with documents and short videos to support your process, giving you the tools to keep working with this process year after year

  • Supportive journaling questions in preparation for the following session

  • Instruction for practicing daily “core routines” of deep nature connection

  • Opportunity for being paired in a buddy relationship

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If you live off-island and are interested in a similar course by video conference with one optional in-person gathering, let us know!

Course instructors: Jean-Claude Catry and Ingrid Bauer

View this video, to see the moving and inspiring power of holistic tracking in revealing hidden patterns in nature, with Jon Young:

“I find Jean Claude to be a very present and skilled facilitator. He conveys empathy during his workshops and displays compassion to the workshop attendees. I enjoyed the exercises offered through the renewal of creative path and found it to stimulate introspection leading towards important insights about myself as a person.”
I recommend this course to anyone who wants to feel closer to their true self and anyone to wants to gift themselves the time to explore their creative gifts and talents. Jean Claude is a high integrity facilitator, teacher, mentor and leader in our community, and I hope you get a chance to work with him to expand your creative potential.” ~ J. Walker.

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