Remembering and rekindling our essential nature
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Adult Programs

We offer a wide range of programs for adults, from day-long to year round. We always have new ideas in the works as well!
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Sept 2019 to June 2020, Tues-Wed-Thurs, plus additional sessions

(Wisdom of the Earth IMMERSION: Sept 2018 to June 2019 program is FULL)

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!!  Nature Connection Mentoring Journey:
Starts APRIL 13th! MONTHLY from April through December, INCLUDES the Art of Mentoring.

BC Art of Mentoring 2019:

August 12-18, 2019. Registration Opening Soon!


NVC Parent Peer Leadership Program:
This year’s program is FULL. Registration for Oct 2019-June 2020 will open soon



(We include these to give you an idea of what we offer and because many of these repeat)


Renewal of Creative Path (ROCP) Inner Tracking Course: 6 Thursdays, starts March 1, 2018

Coming Home to the Wild Survival Course and Rite of Passage: Starts May 27, 2018. Three Sundays plus 24 overnight solo Sat-Sun.

Awareness, Navigation and SHELTER: Sunday May 27, 2018

Primitive FIRE Making: Sunday June 24, 2018

Wild Edibles and Food Foraging: Sunday June 10, 2018

Bird Language Workshop: Spring 2018. Date TBA


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Art of Mentoring 2019

  BC ART OF MENTORING 2019 A Deep Nature Connection Community Experience Monday August 12 to Sunday August 18, 2019 Salt Spring Island, BC                                  Join us for a dynamic, week-long community gathering with programs for youth, adults, and...

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Wild Teen Weekends

                  Wild Teens Program (8 Weekends) The Wild Teens Program is a deep nature connection and wilderness immersion program for teens who seek adventure, and want to develop skills and explore their own wildness,...

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Art of Mentoring 2018

  BC ART OF MENTORING 2018 A Deep Nature Connection Community Experience Sun August 12 to Sat August 18, 2018 Salt Spring Island, BC   We're FULL!  Registration Now Closed! Please check our 2019 program!   Join us for a dynamic, week-long community...

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9-month Nature Connection Journey

Registration NOW OPEN for the NATURE CONNECTION MENTORING JOURNEY 2019 A Transformational Journey of Awareness and Deep Connection with Self, Community and Nature   8 Monthly Deep Nature Connection Workshops, Week-long All-inclusive Art of Mentoring gathering, 24...

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Discover Bird Language

Discover Bird Language 2 Sundays, April 22 and 29 Salt Spring Island, BC Experience Life Through the Awareness of the Birds A way to deepen your connections to nature, self, & others  Bring more presence to all that you do     Understanding the language...

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4-weekend Survival Rite of Passage

COMING HOME TO THE WILD Survival Course and Rite of Passage for Adults May 27, June 17, June 24, June 30-July 1, 2018 Salt Spring Island, BC Navigation • Shelter • Food • Water • Fire Awareness • Gratitude • Empathy • Initiation   Can you imagine...

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Sept-June Immersion Program for Adults

WISDOM OF THE EARTH IMMERSION 2019-20 A transformative Deep Nature Connection Immersion program, based on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada   CONNECTION - CREATIVITY - VISION - COMMUNITY - TRANSFORMATION        Are you: Wanting to grow a deeper...

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NVC Parent Leadership Program

NVC Parent Peer Leadership Program 2018 begins in October! Leadership Training for Sharing  Nonviolent Communication with Parents and Educators   Now in it's 12th year of sharing connection and learning, the Parent Peer Leadership Program is a...

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