A Fun Parent-Child
Nature Program

for a New Earth-Connected Culture

Wild Child offers a unique opportunity for children aged 3-7 years and their parents to share nourishing experiences of nature connection in a supportive community environment.

Children and parents attend Wild Child together to learn and enjoy:

  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Games
  • Songs, Music, and Storytelling
  • Experiential Activities and Survival Skills
  • Naturalist Skills
  • Edible Wild Plants and Teas
  • Firemaking and Campfires
  • Bird Language
  • Nature Crafts
  • Healthy snacks
  • Building Community

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.” The saying originates from cultures
where it is understood that the villagers are already intimately connected to the natural world. Parents in contemporary society not only find themselves increasingly disconnected from “the village” but the connection to nature is often reduced at its best to a few moments of recreation here and there.

We believe that young children are deeply nurtured when they can connect to nature alongside an engaged parent. We’re excited to support parents who want to learn about nature connection and build community, without having to leave their little ones.

Parents will be introduced to the concept of the “Coyote Mentoring” model of education inspired by traditional earth-based cultures around the world and implemented in the WOLF Kids program, and offered learning about compassionate ways to deeply support their child’s full development.

Nature. Nurture. Community. Fun!

“Playing with Jean Claude and Ingrid in the forest has shown me that
this is not only fun, but it is also how we will survive as a species.”
~ Melanie Furman

“Working with Ingrid and Jean-Claude through the Wild Child program has been so much fun.
But more profoundly, it has shifted the dynamic of our family toward a place of greater meaning.
Jean-Claude and Ingrid complement each other as a mentoring team, bringing their different and individual gifts together.  The Wild Child program has gently guided us all to connect more deeply to our community, each other and the natural world.”
~ Mike de Roos

“Wild Child was the beginning of a deep nature connection journey for my daughter, my partner, our family. We had freshly moved and the connection that happens at Wild Child was just what we needed in our transition.
Gratitude, song, nature awareness games, exploration and story weave the fabric of the day and nurture both child and adult alike. Gratitude to Ingrid, Jean-Claude and the wonderful mentors for sharing their dedication to deep connection with nature, people and community.”
~ Leanna Boyer

Morning Class only this year: Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm

Wild Child runs September to June with an overnight camp-out in June. Families may join during the year if space allows (space available beginning in the Spring session), however this is not a drop-in program; we ask a commitment till the end of the program. We take a 6 week break from mid-December through January, and a 2 week spring break. There are no classes on Fridays when sd64 school is in session.

Where: Various beautiful natural locations, almost all in the south end of Salt Spring Island.


One child plus parent/caregiver:
$1080/year + $54 GST = $1134 lump sum
OR Deposit of $190 plus 7 installments of $135
PRO-RATED for Spring/Summer SESSION, starting February:
$648 + $32.40 GST = $680.40 lump sum
OR Deposit of $180.40 plus 4 installments of $125

Two children plus parent/caregiver:
$1360/year + $68 GST = $1428 lump sum
OR Deposit of $240 plus 7 installments of $170
PRO-RATED for Spring/Summer SESSION, starting February:
$816 + $40.80 GST = $856.80 lump sum
OR Deposit of $256.80 plus 4 installments of $150

Cost includes a light healthy organic snack.
Siblings 2 and under are free. Older siblings are also welcome to attend.

Instructors for Wild Child: Ingrid Bauer, Jean-Claude Catry, Nikoya Catry-Bauer and several guest mentors.
SPACE IS LIMITED and this program usually fills quickly.

TO REGISTER: REGISTRATION for WILD CHILD Fall 2018 is coming soon!