Wild Teens Program (8 Weekends)

The Wild Teens Program is a deep nature connection and wilderness immersion program for teens who seek adventure, and want to develop skills and explore their own wildness, with awesome people in amazing places!

The Wild Teens Program gives teens the opportunity to intensely live the core routines of nature awareness guided by experienced mentors, and to practice the wilderness and community building skills that bring us alive.

Each month, we will explore a different focus, set of skills, and location as we discover our bio-region throughout the seasons. Games, skills, challenges, music, reflection, and incredible adventures await you. We’ll learn survival and leadership skills that connect us deeply to nature, to ourselves and to each other, and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

Over the course of the year, you will learn or deepen your skills in:

  • Wilderness and Survival Skills like friction fire-making, shelter-building, navigation, tool use, natural crafts, and more

  • Naturalist Skills: knowledge and relationship to the animals, birds, and plants of the bio-region

  • How to understand and interpret the language of the birds

  • The art of tracking

  • Edible and medicinal qualities of wild plants

  • Safety and well-being on and off trail, and near/on the water

  • Leadership, self-awareness and self-confidence, community building and peacemaking skills


The program runs monthly from Sept 2017 to June 2018.

Fall 2016: Sept 29-Oct 1, Oct 27-29, Nov 24-26

Spring 2017: Feb 9-11, March 9-11, April 13-15, May 11-13, June 8-10

Most weekends begin Friday at 6:00pm and end Sunday at 4:00pm; some off-island weekends may begin earlier on Friday due to longer travel time. Drop-off and pick-up locations on Salt Spring Island vary.



13-18 years old.



$1440 plus $72 GST = $1512 for Sept-June program.
No partial or drop-ins. Can be paid in 2 or 3 installments.

Cost includes all ferries, off-island transportation, park admissions, specialized gear and materials, and hearty Saturday dinner, lunch on Sunday and snacks. Participants provide their own breakfasts and Saturday lunch.


Jean-Claude Catry and Alaina Hallett, plus guests including Ayden Catry-Bauer and others.
Our instructors are compassionate educators trained in the Art of Coyote Mentoring, and committed to helping students identify and develop their unique gifts. All instructors have Wilderness First Aid training.




For more information and to apply: info@wisdomoftheearth.ca